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A young man has lived a harsh, sheltered life, but things have finally seemed to take a turn for the better. His grandfather, a wealthy navy admiral, has recently died and left behind his mansion and vast fortune. He inherits it, but under the condition that he will never be allowed to fire the head maid, a young woman named Takako.

As he moves in and becomes the household's master, he learns that the mansion is more than he thought. Some of the maids act strangely, and a government inspector keeps a close eye on the place, determined to uncover its secrets. What mysteries lie in these gaudy halls? Why was his grandfather so adamant that the head maid never be fired? Who can be trusted? He must find answers, and he isn't afraid to abuse his newfound power to do it.


  • Play an eroge with a focus on well developed, intricate, and fleshed out characters.
  • Multiple romanceable characters, each with several "intimate" scenes to get your blood pumping.
  • Every decision has consequences; will you be kind and caring, heavy-handed and cruel, or simply take advantage of your maids?
  • 20+ endings! Win your harem or maybe even die! (Hey, nobody said being a lord was easy...)
  • Over 50 unique CG images to treat your eyes to!
  • A full Original Soundtrack to set the atmosphere for each moment.


Buy Now$14.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $14.99 USD. Your purchase comes with a Steam key. You will get access to the following files:

Maid Mansion - Windows 343 MB
Version 1.0.5
Maid Mansion - Linux 331 MB
Version 1.0.5
Maid Mansion - Mac 325 MB
Version 1.0.5
Maid Mansion - Android 342 MB
Version 1.0.5
Maid Mansion Soundtrack 153 MB
if you pay $17.99 USD or more

Download demo

Maid Mansion Demo - Windows 105 MB
Version 1.0.5
Maid Mansion Demo - Linux 94 MB
Version 1.0.5
Maid Mansion Demo - Mac 88 MB
Version 1.0.5
Maid Mansion Demo - Android 104 MB
Version 1.0.5

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Any chance of making the Soundtrack a separately-available purchasable download on this website? I bought the game without it, but would consider getting it here.

This still worth it in 2023? Seems interesting 

How do I change the language in the game

On the main menu, in the upper right corner you'll see country flags. When you hover the mouse over them, you can see the different languages. English, Spanish, French, Russian, etc...


Almost 3 years without update 😭😭😭 🙏🏿🙏🏿


I've been getting back to work on several projects, including the long awaited DLC for this. I hope to have news here before the end of the year.


Really great! 💛

Thank you!!

Я хотел знать когда будет обновление на бесплатной версии ? 

Я просто не могу дальше пойди


I would like to know if there is animation ? 

Unfortunately, no. But its still worth a try,  maybe try the demo?

Okay ^^

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(RESOLVED - see update below)

I cant open the Android .apk file to install the game either. Not sure if it's a bad file, or one that's been compressed some how. Cannot recommend trying to buy for Android at this time.

UPDATE - problem appears to have been on my end - the file installed without difficulty when I tried it the next day!

As I mentioned below, I unfortunately can't offer much help with Android. I only have a PC to test game builds on.  As a side note: all purchases of Maid Mansion on itch.io also include a STEAM key upon purchase.

Just noticed your reply. My problem was temporary; I went back and tried again, and all was good. Thanks!


Hey how can I return this game I would like a refund this is not what I wanted as a game someone told me to get it and it wasn't what I wanted and they told me how to return it via on the website and it didn't work so I'm reaching out to you this way


Refunds are handled by itch.io support directly, not by developers.

Help can't open file. On Android says I don't have anything to open with. Wtf

Unfortunately I can't offer much help with Android. I only have a PC to test game builds on. If you have any more specific information about what prompts or errors pop up, including screen-caps, it might help me ask to see what the problem might be.

States I don't have anything to open this file. I'm trying the demo to test. The game sounds good but I don't want to buy something I can't even play.

Why the fug am I the last one who wrote a comment? This man (possible woman) is doing a Free DLC! Get excited! Show some love!


You still have me bro


Okay. I got the 3. 4. 6 and 17 ending now. But now that i got the 7th ending. I was like "woah"! I like how they all tie into each other and you gather information constantly. This is defenitly one of my top 10 fav nsfw games now. And (sadly) i played a lot of those.

Jup, just got Ending 8. The problem is that i dont know how i triggerd it.

Okay, i got it now. But i dont get it. Why is it important, that i trust Takako to unlock Ending 8? I doenst change anything.

I will say that telling/not telling Umeko and trusting/not trusting Takako are two of the "bigger" decisions in the game. However, it is possible to get Ending 8 while not trusting Takako. Glad you're enjoying finding the different endings! And seems like you might've been close to Ending 18, which is one of my favorites.

We do have a guide if you decide to end up needing help and want to consult it (over on STEAM).

I saw that. But i wanna find them all by myself. Only if it gets annoying (wich it will prop will, there is always that one thing you never find). I like this game. Thanks for useing your precious time for this :)


Thank you for buying and supporting Maid Mansion - and for sharing your comments. Always good to hear from people! And without fans like you, I wouldn't be able to pursue this as my fulltime passion.

Sad Steam has a lock for your game for germany :(

They locked all the mature games there. And Germany was pretty big with sales! So was sad to lose that support, but I should at least be happy that I got the help that I did from such great people when the game was on sale there for the month or so that it lasted. Still, I believe Germans can find it here on itch.io without any problems. :)

Did somebody ever tell you, that what your doing is horrible? Cause i could imagine... But i dont accept it. Cause you guys bring happiness, especially in this dark corona times. Thank you for this game!

(1 edit)

That beeing said... Itch.io didnt gave me the 20% off. Kinda uncool. Still bought it.

Edit: Im stupid. They added Taxes on top... Nvm

Glad to see you got that sorted out!

If you're still interested when we release our Free DLC later this Fall, I hope you'll enjoy that as well. More info on that in the news section where I posted an update earlier today. =)

Thank you for supporting my game!

Indeed, i will take that.

Big fan of your games! I'm wondering if there's any difference between this and the steam version? Same question for Slimy Sextet.

Thank you for your support! The itch.io version of Maid Mansion has the breastfeeding scene, whereas the STEAM version does not. I (Crazy Cactus) am the developer of Maid Mansion; for Slimy Sextet, you'd have to ask Belgerum.


The happiest ending i could reach was 9(two hearts)

I'm happy that you got a happy ending! :3

Great Game. But really sad Romana and Mutsumi have no bigger story ;(


There might be Maid Mansion DLC in the future. We'll see. ;)

Make me haaaaappppppyyyy :)

Frankly, I loved this Multi-Choice Story. Best of all I've played so far (maybe because I love it when the girls are dressed like in this Story as a Maid). I give it a score of 17/20, a very excellent game, really worth it for its price and to have tried / done it entirely from A to Z. The quality of the images, the scenes are excellent and the stories could do believe it could have happened in real life. We do a lot of playing our character

(A little help for French people who go through there and who like me cannot speak English. Take your cell phone, download the "google translate" application, open it, put the translation from English to French, press l 'icon resembling a camera. Then place your laptop in front of your screen (as if to take a picture) on a small tripod with clamp (which can bend in any direction you want). And you have your "Maid Mansion "translated into French at 90% (takes around 2 seconds per text to display, except for some a little more complex to capture, and unfortunately some unreadable by the laptop (maybe too much light or too dark around the text))

Why despite everything, I withdraw 3 points:

The first point: I directly loved the Akemi Terada character and especially his story of Magic and the dragon (true or false). But unfortunately; the only interaction with her (with 2 choices), is to either "bring her kindly to Tatako" or "punish her yourself" (the worst, I noticed that it does not even influence any history routine that 'we choose to follow). I spent a whole week on the game to find out if we would have another interaction with her (with choices: either to encourage her, to reward her or to continue to punish her, (for example: to make her come, in the evening, in lingerie or with less, to read us / tell the story of a book) depending on the way we decided to play (nice or bad (which means that she could have killed us with a book or a magic spell). the end, or believe in her magic spells to save us from Sarana (in addition speaks of "Jade dragon" at one point) and end with Her)), to learn more about her (unfortunately, she just come back to talk about the bathroom being blocked by someone, or to agree to save Pa Zong)

The second point: the same as the first (with less waiting, but I would have liked to have also). For the characters that I will quote, we do not learn much, see a little. For Chisato Kirishima and Cheryl Page have only one possible interaction of choice (as for Akemi, any choice influences the unfolding of the story in short) For the other four characters, no interaction / action (with choices; J ' would have liked, a desire to see things, but none of that) Mutsumi Yoshida (example: seeing a little forgotten dust of nothing at all in a corner, telling her kindly or punishing her (apparently it's a tradition) to punish in this mansion (but is not really showing, or enough for my taste (without going into pure wickedness))), Makoto (If it is indeed a Girl, because I have a doubt (despite explanation that 'she gives). Having an interaction because of sheet cheating (thanks to another interaction of girls touching herself (apparently Cheryl will touch her breasts with another girls (spying on them for example); I'm still looking for the other girl in question (because I still can't find it)), Romana Maria Gonzales (J I don't know too much about her, except for the fact that she cooks; leaves the bookstore, but stays to spy on the scene with Kaori)

The third point: It is that I have not had enough. I loved it so much that I finished it in a week (despite the fact that I have to use my laptop to translate everything into French). That I would have liked to have more, that it lasts longer. I even redid already made stories (I think I found all the texts, even the small text in a corner, must have been done). There isn't at least one ending with multiple girls (like a Harem), I felt like it would have been possible.

If there were all that, I would have paid double (€ 15 on Steam for the game + the game's soundtracks, or € 30), or even go up to € 40 in total, because this game is a nugget so that we can play it for hours and hours without getting bored (and it is very very rare that I make a comment for a game (especially very long))
I might even think about having a personalized dakimakura of a character made later on thanks to Fiverr then Halodakimakura (just for me), but I just made one, so it will wait a bit (J 'still hesitating on 3 personal, Akemi, merumi or Takako, it will surely end with the 3 (2 for the back and 1 for the front), if I can't choose) (it made me want to have my maids 😍result, they managed to end up in my wallpapers of my mobile :3 )
Otherwise I hope there will be a DLC of this game to complete it but I do not believe too much, because apparently you are on the creation of a new game / story.

Too bad I only recently discovered the game, otherwise I would have participated in the project

after all this is only my point of view, my tastes and my desires

(I forgot to specify but on Steam, sometimes after about an hour of play, I can no longer save or load a game (noting that it has an error) and having to restart the game, to correct the problem .or then, a backup, taken again the next day to continue and redo the story with the same route to reread it, did not give me the same end as before. This is only details that do not me really annoy, considering I played it for over 51 hours (without Steam, would have even known x))


We don't have any plans for DLC or a sequel right now. As you said - we are working on our next game Sinful Sisters.

I'm glad to hear that you liked the game so much and appreciate you taking the time to write all of this! Merci beaucoup!!

Are their any CGs with Matsumi? I have tried tons of options and can't seem to find one.

Mutsumi was just meant to be a cameo maid in Maid Mansion. As such,  she, Makoto, and Romana do not have any CGs in the game.

(2 edits)

Posted this in the wrong place so just copying it over and adding a bit.

Just played Maid Mansion and I have to say it was quite an enjoyable experience. However one thing that irked me was Pa Zong's ending required a ridiculously specific route to achieve (I really wished there were more routes for her). That and I felt that my actions had no consequence on the story until the very end as most just result in maybe a single line change.

 ---- Spoilers--------

For example when deciding what to do with Takako my choice seems to have no real effect on the chain of events until the end where either Narumi gets stabbed or I end up marrying Takako.

-----Spoiler End------

This also reflects itself in the way the MC acts as once I choose to basically punish everyone and yet my character still acts the same way as when he is "kind". I would like to see more character in the MC maybe by hiding options from the player (such as with the massage) to flesh out the MC. I was also hoping that all the characters would get the same amount of attention but it really felt I was just pushed towards two (maybe three) of them. I was fine with the no harem ending though however it didn't feel satisfying at times as I was trying to find the other endings and just getting the same scenes over and over. Over all though the game was very enjoyable and my only real complaint was how some characters seem to less attention on them than others. 

TLDR: and other thoughts that didn't make it in initially.


-Art looks nice though the sprites and cg seem to be slightly different

-Naming the MC (who doesn't like that)

-Beautiful Cast (if a bit large)

-Plot was intriguing 

-Plot twist made sense even if in some  routes there was no build up

-Action that affect the story in some way are apparent upon reflection

- Did not forgetting the timeline the world is in. All too often VNs take a completely separate timeline when you go down a character route. (for example if you go down A route A gets cancer but if you go down B route A somehow doesn't get cancer.) But in this the police investigation always happens


- The MC is inconsistent as a character (you could chalk that up to the players fault)

- Extremely specific routes especially for characters like Pa Zong who barely make an appearance. Her route in particular left me very confused as I don't see why we couldn't help her in the other routes

-As with many VN with a supporting cast they get introduced and then quickly thrown out

-Some choices had consequences that were unclear even upon replaying (ie who to support in an argument (this ties into point 2 as many side characters seem to require a specific combination))

Great game would definitely recommend to anyone who is still unsure about it. Just make sure to use a walkthough cause some routes were difficult to find using trial and error. Also would there be by chance any DLC for this that expands the story as I see the Kickstarter never reached its 20,000 goal?

EDIT: Apparently there are two endings for Pa Zong according to the comments so I'm going to have to find them 

Pa Zong and Sarana were backer-funded characters, designed to have specific routes so as to keep the budget in terms of writing and CGs for them, under control. The same goes for all the other backer maids in the game - their "screen time" was limited, because they were designed to be in the game only as supporting characters or simply brief cameos.

 As of right now, there are no plans for DLC for the game, as we technically didn't even hit Miyuki's goal from the Kickstarter after one large dropped pledge and a couple others brought it down. The total shown there is not the total raised as it was more like 13.6k when all was said and done (as stated in my update on December 28th 2016).

This game is actually amazing. It's definitely one of, if not the best, NSFW game I've ever played on Itch.io. Truly a great game, keep it up guys!  

Thank you for playing it! We hope to have your support next year with Sinful Sisters, if everything goes well!! (see recent Devlog update...)

How do you get the steam key?

Taken from itch.io -- "Keys will be distributed to a purchaser when they first click the request key button on their purchase page."

All copies of Maid Mansion sold on itch.io come with a STEAM key, as mentioned below the "Buy Now" button.

Hi I'm confused with the ending, it says ending 4 or something for me, does that mean it's over? Are you going to add more content?if so how long until more content is added?

There are actually 22 endings as seen in the (mild spoiler) guide we have posted here: https://steamcommunity.com/app/562350/guides/

You can even check your game CG gallery and probably see that there's still a lot of CG scenes left for you to unlock.

Deleted 2 years ago
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Yes, you have to side with Umeko and Takako a little too so they both approve the plan.

BTW: Pa Zong is my fav maid just before Reiko. :P

Deleted 2 years ago

As they said - you can also look at guide for Endings 19 and 20 on STEAM, which are Pa Zong's ending.

Hit the 12 hour mark since release not too long ago. You guys and gals are all great. Thank you for playing and hope you're enjoying it. I'll be curious to look and see how many people get certain endings (remember 22 of them) - good, neutral, and bad.

(9 edits)

Well, I indeed enjoyed it, good work, art is nice and I like the characters/story though honestly I was expecting it to be a little different VN type (after 9h I'm still missing one bad ending and 1CG and I'm not sure how to get it right now).

Saying that I wish that there was more development with the girls, most romances seems rushed, like they fall in love just after one encounter, wish I could read more of their "bonding". Side maids seems interesting too, shame there is no more content with them (but it would be a lot of work).

Some choices work weird, like I'm doing everything with different maids and somehow I'm getting Takako love ending out of the blue (I know how technically it work but it feel weird). Some characters seems not consistent through whole game (like Takako reactions... but maybe it's just me). The "good" ending with Sarana in my playthrough felt weird as I didn't do anything with Umeko in it and yet... (again I understand it but it just feel weird :P) btw: wish there was more harem options. :P

In one route I had weird thing with Reiko where she appeared normally and then there was nothing with her till almost end when she appeared, out of nowhere, in maid uniform, (it was before the patch so maybe it was just bug), felt weird (I just learned after this that in her route she "work" as maid). 

But yea, it's nice game overall. :) Wish there was expansion in the making. :P

Also, I want steam card with Pa Zong. :(

All good points overall. And with my next game, I'm actually hoping to attempt to write it myself, so I will definitely try to have more of the script devoted to giving people more time with each lady in the main cast. In fact, I actually had 9 character sprites completely done for my next game, but I think I might remove 2 of them from cast so it'll be easier for me to manage.

I also plan to have less endings - with more dyanamic endings so that you technically don't end up with just one girl. Maid Mansion really only had one of these types of endings. I would try to aim for maybe 3 in my next game.

This is all theorizing right now though. I only have the beginning part of the story outlined out, so I'll try and share more as time goes by.

As for an expansion, if I ever did return to this type of setting, I'd probably want to do a new cast and it would be a full-blown sequel. Not like a Part II thing.

For the Pa Zong STEAM card... can't help you there. XD

Best wishes! I know how hard it is to make a good branched story that will "work".

As for endings, that's another thing that I kind of missed, only 1 type of good ending for each girl mostly, in maid setting game I would expect marriage good ending or maid good ending for example, but that's just problem with my expectations I guess. :)

Obviously I was joking about the expansion (and the steam card), but in all honestly, I would love to learn more about 3 side maids (and have more interaction with them), they seemed interesting, also would love to learn more about Pa Zong (somehow I liked her the most).

Good luck with the next game!

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Tried the demo and it looks fun, I like the writing so far! But I was wondering, I see it's 50 unique CG but I would love to know how many of them is h-scenes (how many ~ h-scenes is per character and how many characters is there overall that we can end up with) before deciding to buy it.  Also, I assume that 3 less important maids from the beginning don't have any scenes? Cheers!


38 or 39 of the CGs have h-content. There are 59 total CGs in Maid Mansion. Some other CGs have mild content, not full-blown h-scenes. Each of the six main cast has at least 4 CGs, sometimes 5. There are endings with 8 of the characters, 6 of the mains cast (in logo) and 2 of the backer ladies. The 3 other backer maids have 1 h-scene CG each.

There are some maids with no scenes - since they were cameo maids.

Thank you for answer! One more question, from developer point of view, it's better to buy it here or on steam? :) Cheers!

For me as the developer, it would really help more on STEAM for tonight's launch at 9pm EST / 6pm PST. A review if you like it would help even more, as it makes the game more visible on the platform. But I don't want to pressure either way - I just hope that people enjoy it.

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So steam it's then, I would love to have drm-free version here (but I guess steam is drm-free too?) but on steam it will probably be cheaper anyway (regional pricing). Thx. :)

If I may ask how much is this game?

(1 edit)

Plans to retail for $14.99. 

The pain of the wait is real. Lol I want it now I can't even imagine how the guys who managed to sign up during the kickstarter feel.


Probably as bad as I feel for making them wait so long. But hopefully this release will be one good thing to come out of the end of 2020.

Also, on https://store.steampowered.com/app/562350/Maid_Mansion/ our trailer is up and ready now! (+18...obviously)

Is there any difference on buying in Steam vs here I mostly play on Android so I want to make sure I buy correctly.

Best place to purchase Android version would be here on itch.io, since STEAM doesn't support it.

Just as a reminder to all of you here on itch.io -- Maid Mansion will be releasing on November 13th, 2020. For those of you looking to purchase the full game, you may do so here on itch.io, or on other platforms where the game is available, such as STEAM at: https://store.steampowered.com/app/562350/Maid_Mansion/ The game will be available there first at 9pm EST / 6pm PST, then on other platforms during that evening and into the following day. If you do have the chance to add us to your WISHLIST on STEAM, it will keep you updated for when launch has happened.

Do u have a patron?


I do! At: https://www.patreon.com/crazycactus Though I should warn you I haven't updated that in some time (1+ year). I might do a couple posts soon though, in the lead-up to full release of Maid Mansion. Can't promise that though.

ooo, please do! :)

Im Excited😁 

Glad to hear it! Lots of great stuff to unlock in full-game. :)


Oh man, those will be long 82 days of waiting!

You want to play around with those maids... Don't you?